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Transferring Between Schools

Some of you may think that making a proper selection of a Caribbean Medical School initial may not be as big of a deal, particularly because, if there is an issue with that school, you can just transfer to another. Think AGAIN!

There are two important considerations if you are ever thinking about switching schools in the Caribbean:

1) Schools that hold higher accreditation levels will often not accept transcripts from a school that is not accredited or holds lower level of accreditation. This means that, even if you decide to transfer, it will be only to the school in the same rank or lower.

2) In our experience, transferring schools is also not favorably viewed by the Residency Program Directors. This is another thing you will be asked about and will have to provide good answer for. If you have high scores on the USMLE Step 1 and 2 it will probably not matter, but if your scores are not stellar, having a transfer on your record will not help your cause.


Tip #35: Find out whether the credits of the school you are considering would be accepted in another Caribbean Medical School. Call few random schools in the Caribbean and pretend as if you are looking to transfer in.

Depending on the answer you get you may reconsider joining that school, particularly if majority of the schools you call do not accept their credits.