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Make sure you are well informed before interview with your advisor!

Asking the Right Question

When applying to a medical school, you must screen them just as you expect them to screen you. Based on everything discussed thus far, here are some questions you should ask your admission advisor:

- How many students did you accept last year?

- How many students passed the USMLE Step 1 this year?

- What is the school’s graduation rate (if data exists, compare their statement with the information found on WDOMS)?

- What is the school’s Residency Match rate (remember, IMGs average is 51%)? If you school is claiming very high numbers, this is something that should be questioned further by asking to speak with a graduate who has recently matched or by reviewing their list of matched students (usually posted on the school’s website) against the number of graduates found on WDOMS (if applicable)). Unfortunately, if the school is not accredited and no data is posted on WDOMS, it is almost impossible to verify this data.

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